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May 21 2011

Keeping track of the next two years

So a lot of my friends kept blogs of their (mis)adventures while abroad. I didn’t go abroad, so I didn’t get the fun exercise of updating people about random parts of my life. Yes, I have Twitter which I suppose serves that function. But one can only capture so much emotion/detail in 140 characters.

I’ll be using this blog to update people about the journey of single-handedly closing the achievement gap and reforming the entirety of the US education system. (Sarcasm). But in all reality, I’ll be updating with news about Baltimore, random things my students say (think Kids Say the Darndest Things), and the like.

As of today, I haven’t been placed at a school yet. I had an interview the Friday before graduation, and it went really well. As a bit of background, the school is in a pretty nice neighborhood, is one of the highest performing schools in BCPS, and isn’t a Title-I school (a federal designation which labels schools as “low-income” based upon the proportion of students that receive free or reduced lunch). On Wednesday, I found out they opted to hire someone with more classroom experience, which is 100% understandable. I don’t think they were entirely too familiar with TFA, as I had to tell them it was only a two year gig (although I want to teach beyond those two years, just in New Orleans).

So right now, I remain jobless. But I really do think it was a good thing that this school didn’t hire me. Because honestly, they don’t need a TFA Corps Member. There are so many other schools that are struggling to find teachers, and this school isn’t one of them. I hope to hear something soon, but there will be tons of opportunities over the summer at induction/institute. But if you’re a principal of an elementary school in Baltimore, and need a special education teacher…hit me up.

Right now I’m at home, doing pre-institute reading/work. A lot of it is stuff semi-covered in my training as a Campus Campaign Coordinator (CCC) for TFA. I just read a chapter in our required readings book about diversity which was really interesting. I made the mistake of reading outside yesterday, and have a pretty epic sunburn due to that mistake. And for those of you wondering, yes, it does get sunny in Seattle. Just…not that often. Which is why I was outside in the first place!

So yeah. Follow this blog if you want updates from my experience with TFA, with Baltimore, and with some fantastic kiddidles.

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  2. guidedmetotennessee

    That’s really interesting you interviewed with a non-Title I school. In Memphis they gave us a list of the schools that weren’t Title I and told us if they contacted us for an interview we had to decline because it didn’t meet TFA requirements. I guess it varies from region to region though?

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